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    • The total asset of the group has reached 3 .5 billion US dollars (2 2 billion RMB) and global revenue is more than 7 billion US dollars (45 billion RMB).
    • One of the largest importers of coking coal in China
    • One of the largest supplier of coke exports in China, average annual export accounted for coke exports in china is more than 20%
    • One of the domestic enterprises obtained iron ore import and coke export qualifications
    • From 2002, General Nice Group’s correlation partner enterprises in mainland, which award ‘FIES China Association of Enterprises with Foreign Investment’ and ‘Tianjin Advanced Foreign-invested Enterprises’ and so on honors

    GN Group 2008-2018 Mineral Recourses Development Plan

    Production: 10million Metric tons/year
    Sale: 20million Metric tons/year

    Coking Coal: Advanced commercial Coking coal in the world
    Production: >15 million Metric tons
    At present: 3.8 million Metric tons
    Sale: 15million metric tons per year

    Iron Ore: rank forefront
    Import :15million metric tons per year

    Create iron ore supply chain in South Pacific, Southeast Asia and India
    Develop Iron ore resources in Australia, Indonesia, Philippines, Thailand, India, Brazil and Canada. GN Group is seeking business opportunities for resources goods in Vietnam and Laos.
    SP/block iron (Fe content > 55%)
    Production capacity: 10 million tons/year

    In shanxi, Hebei, Liaoning, plans to merger and purchase more than 10 iron ore enterprises which are similar to Zuoquan enterprises.
    Original Ore production capacity: 5 million tons/year
    Non-Ferrous Metals: gold, lead, zinc, nickel etc in Indonesia



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